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Bohar Snapper Spawning – Underwater Fireworks

Every month, 5-6 days leading up to the full moon, thousands of Bohar Snapper (Lutjanus bohar) aggregate early in the morning to spawn at several outer deep reef sites in Palau. After gathering near the reef, the massive school forms a tight ball and swims out into the blue water.

When the currents are right, the fish rise into the water column.

Tornados of rubbing fish bodies erupt toward the surface from the school, releasing white clouds of millions of gametes everywhere you look.

Midnight snapper rush in to feast on the nutritious eggs.

The fish swim back to the reef, then back out into the blue Рspawning again. They repeat the pattern many times.  The chaotic spectacle goes on for almost an hour. Spawning occurs over several days and climaxes around the full moon.

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