Aquaculture complex at Bali Aquarich, Indonesia.

Basic Aquaculture Process

Raising marine ornamentals in captivity principally is providing the right nutrition and environment for: Adults to produce quality eggs (Broodtock ...
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Palette surgeonfish (Paracanthurus hepatus)

Captive-bred Species List

Marine ornamental culture has made considerable progress in recent years. About 330 marine ornamental fish species have been captive-bred as of 2017, ...
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Wrasses and angelfish in a fish collecting bucket.

Collection vs Breeding

Culturing marine ornamentals is a lucrative and environmentally sound alternative to harvesting them from their reef habitat. Unfortunately, the practice ...
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Bumphead Parrotfish (Scarus perrico) spawning aggregation.

Reef Fish Reproduction

Coral reefs are complex and extremely variable ecosystems. Reef fishes have evolved a fascinating and diverse reproductive biology to maximize ...
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