I’m a fish breeder and aquaculture researcher. I’ve been culturing marine aquarium fish for sale and research since the mid 1990s.  I also photograph marine life. My favorite subjects are sharks, reef fishes, and fish larvae. I’m a fish nut! This site hosts my research, photo reports and photography. Thanks for stopping by!

Latest Fish Culture Research

67 day juvenile yellow goby.

Golden Goby Culture

The Golden goby (Priolepis aureoviridis) was raised from hatchery-spawned eggs at 77-79F on copepods and artemia. The larval duration was ...
Cultured Holcom's sole juvenile

Holcom’s Sole Culture

Holcom’s sole larvae (Aseraggodes holcomi) were raised from wild-spawned eggs at 77-79F on copepod nauplii, rotifers and artemia. The larval ...
Cultured orangeband surgeonfish juvenile

Orangeband Surgeonfish Culture

Orangeband or orangebar surgeonfish larvae (Acanthurus olivaceus) were raised from wild-spawned eggs at 77–79F on cultured copepods, Artemia, and micropellets ...
Hawaiian flagtail (Kuhlia xenura) larva raised in the laboratory for the Hawaii Larval Fish Project.

Hawaiian Flagtail Culture

Hawaiian flagtail (Kuhlia xenura) larvae were raised from wild-spawned eggs at 77-79F on cultured copepods, rotifers, artemia and microparticulate diets ...

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Latest Underwater Photography

A striped marlin hunts a mackerel baitball. Magdalena Bay, Mexico

Intense Animal Encounters off Baja California

Cormorants hunting underwater. Aggregations of marlin slicing through baitballs.  Mobula rays cruising below by the hundreds. Sea lion pups playing ...
Damsels and cardinalfish surround soft corals and sponges on a wreck mast in Truck Lagoon

The Fishy Side of Truk Lagoon

On February 17th and 18th 1944, the US navy launched a crippling air attack on the Japanese Imperial Fleet located ...
Colorful scene of common California kelp forest fishes.

California’s Channel Islands Marine Life

Two years after first diving California’s giant kelp forests, I’m back to experience more of this unique ecosystem. Only this ...
fish larvae and larval invertebrates on a blackwater dive

Oahu’s Blackwater Creatures

I am drifting on flat, calm seas above 1500 feet of water. It is close to 8:30 p.m., three days ...

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