The ocean and its citizens inspire wonder and curiosity and are a source of life, knowledge, and joy.  I am a larval fish researcher and marine life photographer.  The ocean is my ultimate classroom, sanctuary, and broodstock tank. This site is dedicated to aquaculture and marine life, with a special focus on our favorite gill-bearing vertebrates: fishes.

Latest Fish Culture Research

Saddleback Butterflyfish Culture

Saddleback Butterflyfish Culture

One juvenile Saddleback butterflyfish (Chaetodon ephippium) was raised from wild eggs. The larval duration was about 68 days. First culture ...
Transitioning  75-day-old Fringelip dragonet (Draculo pogognathus)

Frindgelip Dragonet Culture

Juvenile Frindgelip dragonets (Draculo pogognathus) were raised from wild eggs.  The larval duration was 80 days. First culture record of ...

Painted Frogfish Culture

Painted frogfish juveniles (Antennarius pictus) were raised from wild-collected eggs on ciliates, rotifers, copepods and artemia. The larval duration was 80 ...

Kellogg’s Scorpionfish Culture

Kellogg's scorpionfish (Scorpaenodes kelloggi) larvae were raised from wild-spawned eggs at 77-79F on wild and cultured ciliates, copepods and artemia ...

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Latest Marine Life Photography

Raja Ampat reef scene

Raja Ampat: A Sea of Color, Abundance, and Diversity

A healthy coral reef is a sight to behold. It teems with a variety of fish. It has a complex three-dimensional ...
Reefs, Fish and Larvae in the Solomon Islands

Reefs, Fish and Larvae in the Solomon Islands

With world class diving, beautiful landscapes and a timeless culture few people have experienced; the Solomon Islands are a hidden ...
Reef Fishes of the Midriff Islands

Reef Fishes of the Midriff Islands

Roughly 5.3 million years ago tectonic forces rifted the Baja Peninsula off the North American Plate, leaving an enormous fjord ...
Sharks and Bait Balls off Waikiki 

Sharks and Bait Balls off Waikiki 

“Multiple large sharks spotted at Kaimana Beach”. “Shark warning signs posted”. “Popular Waikiki Beach spot closed intermittently due to shark ...

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